On 11th September 2019 the UK government announced a new graduate immigration route for summer 2021. This will allow international students an opportunity to stay in the UK to find work or work after they complete studies and graduate. This offers Indian students a great opportunity to work in the UK after their studies.

Some key points of the new Graduate Route are:
  • The Graduate Route is for students who complete their degree on or after summer 2021 and who hold a student visa when they apply.
  • Students who have completed undergraduate or postgraduate degree will be allowed to stay two years.
  • PhD student will be able to apply for three years.
  • Students do not need to be sponsored by an employer.
  • Students will be able to switch into another route after the two years if eligible, such as skilled work which is a route to settlement.
  • There will be no maintenance requirement so you do not need to be earning a minimum salary threshold
  • Most types of employment and self employment are expected to be permitted
  • It is expected that dependents will also be allowed to work
  • Graduate Route will require a new visa application including Health Surcharge.
Please note the above information is for guidance only as further details of the Graduate Route are still to be announced. You should refer to the UK government website for the most up to date information or contact our expert counselling team at UKEAS.
Student Testimonials

Shinedip Kaur at Coventry University

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