The cost for accommodation will vary depending on your location in the UK and the type of room or property you select. It is important that you select the correct type of accommodation during your studies. Most student will want to live close to the university and in a comfortable environment. You have the choice between university accommodation and private sector accommodation. Our expert counselling team can advise you on your options and help you secure a suitable place to live during your study.

Most university have accommodation for international students and its usually separated between undergraduate and postgraduate. There will normally be a variety of accommodation such as en-suite room, shared flat, dormitory or studio style apartment. The prices will vary therefore you can choose which is most suitable for your budget. There is also usually option between catered and non-catered accommodation. If you want to stay in university accommodation, then you should apply early before any deadline dates. Often you will need to have applied to the university or received an offer before you can apply for accommodation. Some of the key advantages of university accommodation for international students is that its often close to campus, you are close to other students, your accommodation fee will normally include all costs (internet, electricity, heating, water etc), and the university will manage the application process and welcome you when you arrive. However, the cost for university accommodation can be more expensive when compared to private accommodation and in some cases places will be limited especially for the most popular rooms.

Private accommodation is often cheaper and at UKEAS we work closely with Casita and who are experts. They can help you find a suitable accommodation based on your requirements and budget and will support you through the application process. Please speak with our counselling staff who will be able to introduce you to the advisers.

If you decide want to find private accommodation yourself this will often take more time and you will need to be aware of various factors. You will need to make sure that the property is in good location, it is good condition, you understand the rules and regulations for renting a private property, you have a reputable landlord, you will be responsible for all bills and utilities, you will need to sign a contract and pay a deposit. We therefore suggest you receive guidance from our counselling team on how to secure your accommodation and avoid any problems.
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